Priceless Pawments (Moments)

Hi Guys! I hope you are awesome and even if you are not this next 1 minute read is going to make you amazing. I am writing this to share one of the best ever moments I have ever experienced in my life.

So this is in continuation not exactly but related to this one, so you can have a quick read here .

This is about Cadbury my 4 months old beagle pup. And now he is trained with almost 5 commands properly.

🐶 Sit

🐶 Hand-shake, Hi five

🐶 Down

🐶 Jump

🐶 Stay (from food)

We have been doing amazing since our last post and also this is my promise that I will be more consistent towards writing about Cadbury with my series named “Cadbury”. Let’s start then. So few days back I decided to meet a friend in the evening and for last 3–4 months I have strictly not stepped out mostly due to pandemic(COVID 19) and my lil puppy. He is kind of cranky in the evening. But this time it was really important to meet my friend as there was some medical reason behind it. I went thinking we were going for short chai talk but due to over supportive Bangalore rain plan got delayed and I landed up at Oyster (pet friendly super cool roof top dinning). That day I reached home 5 minutes post ten. While I was in my returning cab I got call from my mother stating “Cady’s crying with tears in eyes”. I still remember clearly that line of her.

As I rushed towards my door, unlocked it my lil puppy came running and hugged me. He was wagging his tail at the speed of the tornado. He was very happy. My mum informed that she has been trying to get him on bed but somehow failed and since then he got cranky as he got tensed how he was going to sleep that night.

Any how that day when I laid on bed at night and Cady was laying aside, I noticed one thing. He usually sleeps near my feet and that day he was almost sharing my pillow and that one moment took over my heart. I could feel immense love and that feeling was the most important feeling for me. So here’s what dog’s mentality is

This person gives me food, gives me water, pets me this person must be god. Yes all the sayings that dog is the only creature on planet earth who loves you more than himself that is absolutely true. Also have you ever noticed that all successful folks one or more dog. Because I owe my success to all the dogs who ever came in my life as my dog always prayed for my happiness and success.

I hope everyone experiences this amazing moment of being highly loved in life. Also in my next article I will talk how I trained my dog.


Living my dreams ❤️